Discover the only cream liqueur
to be crowned the King of Africa

close-up bottle of Grand Marula Cream Liqueur and Michelangelo Gold Medal

Taste the exotic essence of Africa. Serve it with pride

Let the sumptuous creaminess kiss your lips and send your imagination flying – to a warm and magical sunset somewhere far away in the African bushland.

Imagine this. All is quiet. Only a lone cicada chirp-chirp-chirps in the distance, the sound fading away with the setting sun. Then, suddenly you hear it: close by, from beneath the tallest marula tree, a rumbling roar, like rolling thunder. The King has spoken, and in the orange glow of the last rays of sunlight, you catch a glimpse of his majestic golden mane.

Then all is quiet again. And in this awesome stillness after the thunderous roar, you realize: this is a rare pleasure, a unique privilege – to experience the presence of the King of Africa, in his noble domain.

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A gentle, creamy kiss on the lips, a soft, silky sensation of fullness on the tongue, a taste so unique and exotic, it could only be symbolized by the King of Africa – the lion that rules over the vast bushlands of this magnificent continent, the Land of Grand Marula.

You’ll find inspiring cocktail recipes on our Grand Occasions page, but here are a few to get you started!

table top image of marula fruit and a bottle of Grand Marula at an angle

Cool summer crusher

For a refreshing escape on a hot summer’s day, simply pour Grand Marula over crushed ice in a tall glass. Indulge your senses!

After a meal

The perfect ending to a great meal. Pour a generous dash of Grand Marula creaminess over your favorite ice-cream. Enjoy a delectable double-creamy dessert.

A luxurious winter warmer

Feel the warmth of Africa melt the coldest night. Stir a shot of Grand Marula into a mug of steaming coffee. Or infuse a baked pudding or slice of cake with the heart-warming deliciousness of Grand Marula. Or dream up and serve your own imaginative Grand Marula cocktail. For inspiration, check out our tempting Grand Marula cream liqueur cocktails.